What to do with Leftover Juice Pulp

2 girls sharing juice


It seems such a waste to just throw out the leftover pulp from your juicing, so here’s some ideas on how you can use the pulp:

1.  Add it to soup to thicken it up

2.  Make your own vegetable broth – boil with water, add some herbs and spices and then drain (really good if you are juice fasting or detoxing)

3.  Add it to homemade vegetarian burgers to bulk up or make fritters (can also use in normal homemade burgers to add nutrients)

4.  You can even add it to your homemade smoothies

5.  Compost and add it to your garden

6.  Feed it to your pets – I often mix into with dog food for my 2 furry buddies

7.  Add it to your pasta sauce, or even add to homemade lasagne

8.  Mix it into homemade muffins, cakes, bread

9.  Use it to make homemade raw pizza crust

10.  Dehydrate the pulp and then mix with raw nuts, seeds and dried fruit for your own version of trail mix

11.  Dehydrate the pulp, then grind into a powder – can be used in smoothies and baking

12.  If you dont have time to use it straight away, you can place into ziplock bags and freeze to use later.