I participated in Donna’s Detox in February and I loved it, it was tough at times, particularly when we went on a tour of the sights of Koh Samui and lunch was included and I was detoxing and I had to just sit and watch and drink my detox drink, but 3 months on I am still feeling wonderful, I lost weight, skin is clear.  Also Donna was so inspirational answered every single question with patience and great knowledge. Donna also is a great tour/shopping guide. Take that leap, like I did, you certainly won’t regret it. Thank you Donna Blackhall.

Lee – Brisbane                                                                                                   7 Day Cleanse Program February 2014


Hi Donna,

Being part of the inaugural Bikram Yoga Wellness Week was a wonderful and life-changing experience for me.

Was it the daily Bikram Yoga practice and the two posture clinics I enjoyed under the tutelage of such talented and compassionate teachers?

Was it the massages we had, virtually on tap, from our warm, friendly and highly skilled massage therapists?

Was it the simple luxury of our villas, right on the beach and overlooking an irresistible swimming pool?

Was it discovering how tasty and nutritious raw food could be, not to mention Thai cuisine?

Was it the hot, sunny weather, the lovely beaches, and the spectacular landscapes of Koh Samui?

Was it the hustle and bustle of the Koh Samui streets, shops and markets?

Was it the beautiful and generous Thai people?

Was it our host, Donna, who organised everything, took us out, showed us around, and made sure everyone was happy and had what they needed?

Was it the chance to truly rest, relax and get clarity on what I should do for the rest of my life?

Or was it the friendships I made with my fellow Bikram Yoga Wellness Week travellers – a bunch of interesting and like-minded people who made the Week so much fun?

Truth be told, it was all of these things and more, and I will forever be grateful for such an amazing experience!

Anna – Melbourne
Bikram Yoga Wellness Week Sept 2013


Hi Donna,

I wanted to send you a note to say 2 words, Thank you!

Completing your 7 day Cleanse Detox was the best gift I could have given myself.

I am so glad that you helped me beforehand with your 2 week pre-cleanse, as even during this time I could feel myself and my body changing and I did experience some of the side effects which weren’t so great. However, in saying that, I lived a very toxic and unhealthy lifestyle, and have had some major stresses in my life, so I guess this was to be expected. Just during the pre-cleanse I lost 2kg!

Your support, guidance and complete belief in me during my detox was invaluable. I went through quite a self-reflective time during this week and it was so great have just “me” time and having you there to help me all the way gave me a level of comfort that I needed. No one wanting anything from me, my mobile turned off and even only checking my emails once a day was heaven! Thank you also for organising some of the other alternative treatments that I didn’t think I needed, but I am so glad that I opened my mind to explore and it turns out I actually did need them, and the practitioners were brilliant!

I absolutely loved the food after the detox and I am happy to say, that I am even experimenting more at home with raw foods and making the time to prepare fresh meals for myself each day. When I arrived home, all my friends and family commented on how great I looked, that my skin was glowing and my eyes were bright and clear, that I am happier than they have seen me in a long time, and the bonus, that I have lost weight (which I have now lost a total of 6kgs). Amazing what happens when I decide to look after myself and feed my body well!

I arrived in Koh Samui feeling run down, tired and exhausted, unable to sleep very well, experiencing headaches at least twice a week and literally I felt a little “broken”. Wow, the difference is extraordinary and I feel so positive, bright and light, I am sleeping soundly all the way through the night and awake feeling refreshed and ready. My clarity in my work is better, and my colleagues have also noticed a difference in my overall outlook and a few have commented that I am calmer and not stressed.

I know this is a process, but this was just what I needed to start my journey. At home living my crazy, toxic, unhealthy life I just didn’t know how to start. I am so glad that I took myself away from my everyday life so that I could think about and deal with on some of my self-sabotaging behaviours, where I have been, what I want out of my life for myself, and then what changes I was going to make when I got home. I know I couldn’t have done this at home.

The accommodation in my beautiful villa right on the beach was amazing. Relaxing, quiet, the pool just outside my balcony, and it was so unassuming and “real”.

You looked after my every need before, during and after from Detox and for that I am grateful.

Thank you again!

Melanie – Brisbane
7 Day Cleanse Program Aug 2013


What a wonderful family holiday experience!  My biggest concern prior to booking my Bikram Yoga escape was that I wanted to make sure that my husband and two young girls (8 and 11) would have a great time in Thailand as well with me.

My husband is an avid Muay Thai kick-boxer and Donna was incredibly helpfully in advising us of all the nearby places for him to train whilst I was off “doing my thing”.  My family all joined in the stand-up paddle-boarding which was great fun and were always made to feel included and welcome.

We also were able to use the van and driver to do some sightseeing and the visit the tigers and elephants, which were a massive highlight for the whole family.

We all came home saying that it was the best family holiday to date and would certainly do it all again!

Cally – Melbourne                                                                                              Bikram Yoga Wellness Week Sept 2013


Thank you Detox Destinations for the wonderful Bikram Yoga Wellness Week package September 2013. The services provided from the minute I arrived were excellent. You provided a faultless package for the week, which included:

  • Meet and greet to make me feel welcome and so special on arrival to Koh Samui;
  • The excellent quality of accommodation in my own private villa on one of Koh Samui’s beautiful beaches;
  • Daily Bikram Yoga classes and posture clinics with the most dedicated and enthusiastic Bikram Yoga teachers (Not to mention the hottest and most humid studio);
  • Carefully selected menu of raw food options that were a gentle introduction for a beginner like me!;
  • Spa options including steam room and a choice of daily massages with the most caring and lovely staff; and
  • The lovely private driver and comfortable transport around the island.

Donna, your professionalism and enthusiasm was evident as you liaised with Bikram Yoga Wellness Group 2013 before, during and following the trip. I arrived in Koh Samui feeling tired and run down feeling in desperate need for a break and dedicated focus on my health. I departed Koh Samui with a wonderful sense of wellness and fulfilment after nurturing my body with the program of Bikram Yoga, raw food and massages.

Thank you so much for making this happen! I am looking forward to the next trip!

Penny – Canberra, ACT
Bikram Yoga Wellness Week Sept 2013


Hi Donna,

We just wanted to pass on our thoughts on the inaugural Bikram Yoga Wellness Week you ran in September. We both had a wonderful experience in Thailand, and the week exceeded our expectations.

As this was our first overseas trip in almost 20 years, we really appreciated all the pre-trip information and help that you gave us, and there was no question of ours that was too trivial for you to answer. Having such an experienced guide with us on the trip meant that we saw and did things that we wouldn’t have known to do under our own steam. This took a lot of stress out of our first ‘big trip’ to Asia.

Our villa was fantastic – right on the pool and with amazing views out to the beach. It was a real home away from home that we were very comfortable in. The staff at both the hotel and the spa resort next door were very friendly and helpful, and made us feel very welcome.

Paula really appreciated the passion and expertise that the yoga teachers brought to the classes and posture clinics. It was uplifting to be practicing with a group of people who had made studying Bikram a priority in their lives for that week. She has returned home with a renewed enthusiasm for her yoga practice.

Although I didn’t take part in the yoga part of the wellness week, I was very happy that I took part in all other aspects of the program. As a confirmed carnivore, I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the raw and vegetarian food included in the program – it was a real eye-opener just how good “good food” can be! Having a massage every day was also a real treat, especially being able to share the experience with Paula. Not taking part in the yoga meant that I had plenty of time to take part in morning meditations, relax, swim in the pool, read, shop for a suit and explore the area at mys own pace. It was a superbly relaxing holiday! Paula also liked all the other aspects of the program, especially the food.

The group was a great bunch of people – we were happy to go out with everyone for meals, but never under any pressure to do so if we had other plans. Even though I wasn’t doing the yoga, I still felt part of the ‘gang’ and we felt the same about others in the group who weren’t doing the yoga.

We both loved the time we had in Thailand, and now my only problem is that Paula wants to go back next year!

Tony and Paula – Melbourne
Bikram Yoga Wellness Week Sept 2013


Absolutely loved my Detox Destinations Bikram Yoga Wellness week in Thailand!  I came back from the holiday feeling wonderfully refreshed and rejuvenated.  The knowledge and advice given to me by Donna preceding and during the trip was incredibly helpful, insightful and interesting!   

The accommodation provided was lovely and well situated in such a quiet strip of the beach that was very relaxing and welcoming.  The meals provided in the program were absolutely delicious with a good variety of options to suit everyone and the restaurant couldn’t have been more convenient situated right next door.   

The Bikram Yoga tuition was second to none and has made a vast difference to my practice 

I would absolutely recommend this week to anyone looking for a break and also looking to improve their Bikram Yoga practice.  I enjoyed myself immensely and I would not hesitate to go on another Bikram Yoga Week with Detox Destinations.

Nadia – Melbourne
September 2013



Want to start or improve your fitness, have a week of clean eating & try some new forms of exercise?

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