Sweet Potatoes

I Yam What I Yam

The humble Sweet Potato (quite often called a yam, even though they officially aren’t the same)  is one of my all time favourite vegetables and is so versatile and should be in everyone’s pantry.

They are a nutritious food packed with antioxidants – beta carotene, vitamin C E & D, and minerals like manganese and iron and high in potassium.  Sweet potatoes are said to be a great anti-stress food and known to help relax muscles, steady nerves and balance cognitive function.  They are also said to be one of the best anti-cancer foods.  Sweet potatoes are easily digested and are good for ulcers, inflamed colons, digestive disorders and constipation.

The health benefits of sweet potatoes are available when eaten raw, steamed or baked.

  • Make a simple soup by steaming sweat potatoes (you can leave skin on) until soft, then place in a blender or food processor and blend until cream and smooth (add some vegetable stock if you like your soup not so thick)
  • Make a quick easy winter snack by baking or steaming a whole sweet potato, then cut open and sprinkle some cinnamon, chilli flakes or curry powder (I love cinnamon) and eat just as is!
  • Great as a side dish – steam or bake some and mash, serve with a drizzle of olive oil, coconut butter or even try some avocado.
  • A taste sensation in salads to “bulk” them up – steam or bake some diced sweet potatoes, allow to cool or just warm and serve in a salad

Try some new ways to get this amazing comforting, satisfying, filling vegetable into your diet today!