Lentil Bolognese w Eggplant Stack


This is my new favourite winter meal, and one that I will continue to serve and devour for years.

The lentil bolognese can be made ahead and kept in the fridge, or even freeze a batch to have on hand and ready to go.

I can think of so many ways that the lentil bolognese can be served; on steamed vegetables, on pasta, on rice, even on some cauliflower rice, on zucchini pasta, in a lasagne, you could even make a lentil and vegetable pie using these mixture.  What about lining some cupcake tins with bacon rashes, popping the mixture into it, and finish off with some cheese and bake.

But for me this served in the eggplant stack is a winner!

Click here to get your printable recipe sheet – Lentil Bolognese w Eggplant Stack