Juicing V Blending

Green Fruit Smoothie

Now this is something I get asked all the time!  Anyone who knows me, knows I love my juices and I have at least 2 green juices a day (one in the morning before my daily Bikram Yoga class and one around mid afternoon) and I admit I am an extreme advocate for juicing! But I also love my green smoothies.

So which is better for you?  And what is the difference?

Both juices and smoothies are extremely beneficial to your health, but in different ways.  Both make it easier for you to   to consume your daily intake of fruit and vegetables.

JUICING:  This results in a juice drink (without the fibre of the fruit and vegetables)

Equipment – generally you have a choice of 2 types of juicers:

Centrifugal Juicers – the cheapest option – these types of juicers introduce heat and oxygen and unfortunately destroy the enzymes and nutrients in your fruit and vegetables.

Cold Press Juicers – these are the more expensive option – these types of juicers produce a higher quality juice and actually extract more juice from your fruit and vegetables whilst maintaining the integrity of the enzymes and nutrients.

Juicing takes a little more preparation than blending smoothies and some would say, longer to clean your equipment.

Juicing is a process whereby the juicing equipment separates the water and nutrients from the fruit and vegetables, and then discards the fibre.

When your body is not digesting food (fibre), this provides your body with the opportunity to have a rest.  Which means your body is not having to work so hard to break down the food to absorb all the goodness and nutrients.  With juicing all the goodness and nutrients is absorbed into your blood stream in as little as 15 minutes.

Juicing is exceptionally wonderful if you are sick, ill or have lost your appetite as you can quickly provide your body with a super effective dose of nutrients and vitamins.    Fresh juices are so nutrient dense and have the powerful ability to nourish your body at a cellular level.


Try to consume your juices within 15 minutes of making them as exposure to light and air will destroy some of the nutrients – if you cant drink immediately or are making a juice to take with you, ensure that you store your juice in a dark airtight container (glass is better).

Consuming juices made from only fruits (which are high in sugar), can cause an increase in your blood sugar levels. Try to have mainly vegetables and to sweeten your juice, just add 1 piece of fruit (green apples are the best).

BLENDING:  This results in a thick smoothie (with the fibre of the fruit and vegetables)

Equipment – the best blender is one that doesn’t heat up the enzymes in your produce as it is breaking apart the fibres.  My blender of choice is a Vitamix for this very reason, and it will last longer than cheaper blenders.  However, you could also try brands such as NutriBullet or the Tribest Personal Blender.

Blending to make smoothies is quicker than juicing, and also easier to clean your equipment.

Blending to make smoothies  contains the entire pieces of fruit and vegetables all blended together.  The inclusion of the fibre in smoothies means that you stay full for longer periods and will also assist in digestion.  This really is the true meaning of  “drinking” your fruit and vegetables.

With blending your fruit and vegetables into a smoothie all the goodness and nutrients are slowly released into the blood stream, which means that you wont experience the highs and lows that can occur with blood sugar level spikes.


Blending smoothies to take with you are perfect as a “fast food” option.  However the same with juices they are best consumed within 15 minutes of making them as exposure to light and air will destroy some of the nutrients – ensure that you store your smoothie in a dark airtight container (glass is better).

When making your smoothie, always put your liquid ingredient into your blender first (e.g. water, coconut water, almond milk etc), then pop in your greens of choice, your fruit, your herbs and superfoods afterwards.

Either way, both juicing and blending are super good for you!  Try both, or try one!

* Detox Destinations is in no way associated or being paid by any of the manufacturers of equipment that are mentioned above.