Got the Sunday Blues?


Does the thought of a new working week make you feel anxious and nervous all at once?  I would suspect you have the SUNDAY BLUES!

I know because that use to be me!  On a Sunday, and then progressing more into Sunday night I could feel myself getting more and more uptight.  So many of us (stats show up to a staggering 50%) become really down about the upcoming working week that we stay home and are reclusive on a Sunday.  The unfortunate side effect of this is that this can lead to a sleepless Sunday night, and some researchers refer to this as “Sunday Somnia” or the “Sunday Blues”!

When we become anxious we can experience social anxiety and we start to worry about going into perhaps a dis-functional workplace, having to deal with gossip, colleagues perhaps undermining you, worrying about a meeting or a presentation and interacting with some people that you just don’t like!  And on Sundays we start thinking about going back in this unpleasantness!

The Sunday Blues can appear as maybe shortness of breath, feeling a little panicky or restless, unable to sleep and being irritable.

For nearly 3 years before I left the corporate world of working 60+ hours a week to make someone else rich I felt this every Sunday!  And whilst, yes I was in Senior Roles and a few more zeros at the end of my pay cheque than when I started my career ….. every Sunday and then going into Monday morning I would feel sick in the bottom of my belly!

So what can you do to try and beat the Sunday Blues:

* Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake on the weekend

* If you are really that unhappy is it time for you to seek some guidance – do you need to consider retraining, resigning or realigning your career with something that you love and is your passion?

* Take some time to understand are you dissatisfied with your job and why?  Write this down and then ask yourself can you make some changes here, or are these simply out of your control?

* When you start to worry, grab a notepad and get everything that you are feeling “out” and jot it down.

* Ensure you are feeding your mind, body and spirit with all the nutrients it needs to stay positive – healthy eating, getting enough rest, regularly exercise and some meditation or yoga in there as well, time spent with people you love, do things that make you laugh and bring out your inner child!

* Plan 1 or 2 fun activities to do during your working week to keep the balance flowing.

* Learn to accept that there will be things that you just simply cannot control and that there will be nothing you can do about it, and don’t dwell on it.

Donna x