Donations for Sisters of Samui


I have had the absolute pleasure and delight of visiting the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand for over 14 years and generally a few times a year.

Koh Samui is like my 2nd home, not only did I get married here just over 5 years ago, I have also made many wonderful friends on this island (both locals and ex-pats).  There is truly something magical about this little piece of paradise and hence the reason that I run my programs here.

However, there is also, a not so magical side to Koh Samui where much help and assistance is required.  Thailand does not have government support for locals, like we have here in Australia and people HAVE to work otherwise they simply don’t have shelter and food.  The basic necessities are valued very much by the locals.  And for many with so little, they are so incredible happy and generous!

So, for any bookings for my February and March 2014 programs, I will donate AUD$50 (1250 Thai Baht) to the Sisters of Samui organisation.  This amount of money CAN do so much!

Sisters of Samui are a group of inspirational women who wither live on the island or a visiting, and do various fundraising to assist local organisations and groups on the island.

They have helped orphanages, women with babies in prison to provide  safe and hygienic conditions for them , the local dog rescue service (which you would understand the importance of this if you have visited) to name a few.

If you are interested in finding out more about my February and March 2014 programs, pop in your details here and I will give you a call (please if you outside of Australia, include your Skype details).


With much love

Donna x