De-stress and Detox – Thailand-style.

Boost your energy and improve your overall wellbeing with a Thailand detox getaway. Our retreat and holiday packages are incredibly flexible, so there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying your Thailand detox holiday as much as possible.

Don’t want to travel alone but don’t have anyone to go with? Fine! Want to make it a family holiday but don’t think the family will want to join you in your program? That’s all right! Detox Destinations will tailor your package to suit your budget and your requirements.

Talk to me today about the type of program you’d like to participate in and I’ll book the perfect detox holiday for you. Not sure which programme will suit you best? That’s OK – just let me know what you’d like to achieve and I’ll put together a package especially for you.

Invigorate yourself with a detox retreat or a Bikram Yoga holiday.
Just look at the benefits!


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Inner health and beauty await.
Start your new lifestyle.
Talk to us now about detoxing in Thailand.


Want to start or improve your fitness, have a week of clean eating & try some new forms of exercise?

Want to escape to a tropical island and feel free, relax and have some fun?

Want to look radiant, feel amazing and refreshed and have more energy?

Want to improve your practice, be pampered and hangout with awesome people?