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Re-align your body, mind and spirit with a Detox holiday by Detox Destinations.

Take the holiday you deserve. Relax, refresh and rejuvenate with detox holidays and Bikram Yoga retreats by Detox Destinations.

It’s not selfish to take time for yourself, but for most of us, taking care of our own health and wellbeing is a long way down on our priority list. However, putting yourself first now and then will help you find balance and be at your best for life’s many challenges.

Book one of our detox holidays and let us guide you on your path to achieving wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Radiate from the inside out with our detoxing, fasting, juicing and Bikram Yoga retreats.

Our detox, fasting, juicing and Bikram Yoga retreats are perfect for anyone who wants to kick-start a new, healthy lifestyle and take a holiday – in one! Put yourself first with a detox; Thailand-style. Detox Destinations will guide you through the whole process of detoxing and fasting in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Why choose Detox Destinations?

  • The Personal Touch. Feel free to be yourself with a small, personalised, guided tour that will leave you feeling recharged and ready to take on the world. Let me know the type of program you want to participate in and the level of accommodation you would like to stay in – or what you want to achieve – and I’ll book a detox Thailand holiday tailored especially for you.
  • A Luxury You Can Afford. Detox Destinations caters to all budgets. Our detox holidays and programs are both luxurious and affordable. Indulge yourself today.
  • Flexibility That Works for You. Single, couple or a family – Detox Destinations has you covered. Even if they don’t want to participate in any of the programs, you can still bring your partner or your family along – and you can still reap the rewards of your personalised detox Thailand holiday.
  • Getting There Is Half the Fun.  Meet like-minded people from across the globe, all sharing the same vision and the same goals as you. You can book and participate in any of the programs and retreats, no matter where you are in the world.
  • A Holiday Just for You. Take the stress out of booking your next holiday – book with Detox Destinations. Holidays can often leave us exhausted from the stress of planning and booking, trying to please everyone, cramming in as much as possible in a limited time, and overindulging in food and drink. With Detox Destinations, you won’t be left feeling like you need another holiday once you get home!

Feel amazing! Talk to Detox Destinations about our detox Thailand holidays today.

Don’t just dream of a healthier lifestyle.
Make it happen with Detox Destinations’ Bikram Yoga retreats and detox Thailand holidays.

Want to start or improve your fitness, have a week of clean eating & try some new forms of exercise?

Want to escape to a tropical island and feel free, relax and have some fun?

Want to look radiant, feel amazing and refreshed and have more energy?

Want to improve your practice, be pampered and hangout with awesome people?